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Your True Friends Will Always Be – If You Can Count Them on One Hand, You May Have Too Many

Your True Friends Will Always Be – If You Can Count Them on One Hand, You May Have Too Many

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The dawn of Facebook was among the worst vehicles to ingratiate itself upon our lives. IT (information technology) efficiently took everyone’s lives and smashed all of us together into a virtual worldwide high school, if not lesser. Our lives have been turned into”a social experiment” that attempts to promote a constant reinforcement of validation, overstated advertising of our faulty thoughts and irrational ideas, and perpetually masturbates some kind of tacit confirmation that we”matter.”

Nowadays, a”buddy” is best described as a gathering of names or a gaggle of faces or other self-identifying pictures that corresponds to a human being. Facebook’s system of acquiring and incorporating”friends,” was the single most incredible accomplishment of entrepreneurial and mental proportions; encourage people to virally market themselves, cross-connect with”like-minded folks” that politically charge up the armies with”group think mentality,” link up with people they know and call them,”friends,” and then, use that information to market a truckload of useless crap and unnecessary commodities to these people through the social medium. Brilliant.

In addition to supporting”group think” and underscoring an idea that anybody with a Facebook page and Twitter handle is now some type of political expert, we further instruct people a volume of people known as,”friends,” is some type of currency. The acquisition of”friends” is now seen by some as an instrument of stated”social currency,” used to indicate some type of personal value. (Rather strange to suggest that you are”important” by the amount of”friends” that”like” you? Do not you think?) Facebook has misappropriated the usage, weight, How to catch squirrels and meaning of the word”friend,” and your profile enables other people to associate your quantity of friends as a position of personal excellence, influence, and inferred”significance” Yuk! Gross! Disgusting!

It would seem that some Facebook users incorporate everyone and anyone to their”friends list” in order to communicate to others,”Wow! Look at how many people’like’ me. Look how much better I am than you. Look at all my’fans.'” It is bad enough that the human race marvels in its own existence and achievements, never mind the fact that we refer to ourselves as”intelligent life” As compared to what – A pig? The current use of the word”friend” is now a far-reaching concept that divorces itself from the intimacy and significance of someone whom you trust, admire, and spend time in exchange for a meaning that suggests personal worth.

It is the easiest and most obvious way to celebrate yourself and shore up an already shaky self-confidence. For people of this kind, social media is the easiest pathway to celebrate one’s own personal existence, and of course, a very”captive” audience to share everything from this morning’s breakfast picture, a veiny biceps, and every move in NYC last week. If you are really lucky, the narcissist will shove images of her or his adorable kids and their associated microscopic movements in your face and drown you in a disgusting world of private opinion pieces.

Without spending eight pages on the topic, I think I can summarize my point quite succinctly: the quantity of people on your Facebook page doesn’t identify how many”true” friends you have. This point is most obviously demonstrated in this way: how many of those”friends” are going to come running to assist you in case you call at 2am, no questions asked? I’m only guessing, but I would say, few.

True friends are your”rock.” They are the foundation and mortar of your life’s surroundings, the people who think of you when you’re up, down and all points in between, and the folks whom you never need qualify yourself, justify your actions, explain your behavior or validate your existence.

They know who and what you are, know how and why you’re, and love you for worse, better, richer, poorer and always stand with you, whether the battle is theirs or not!

To pursue a happier quality of life, you need to:

• Downsize! Choose the people whom you call”friends” and categorize the people that you acquaint. Leave high school behaviors to people less than 18 years of age. Life isn’t a popularity contest. Less is more!

• Qualify! Who is the sort of person you would like to call your”friend?” Is this person someone who conveys him/herself with value for others? Is encouraged by the type acts s/he performs for others? Is considerate of others’ feelings prior to talking or taking action? If someone has less than spectacular conduct, you might want to evaluate if you would like to be considered guilty by association.

These folks are the few and the proud and mean business when it comes to you! They are the types of folks that are the most dependable and are the”Special Forces Unit” of your friends-battalion.

Insects the size of humans

Insects the size of humans

Butterfly Swallow Tailed Butterfly Insect


Insect Strength Compared To Size

The rhinoceros beetle is a colossus in insect conditions and is rated among the mightiest animals in the world in comparison to its body weight. You have probably heard that the rhino beetle can carry up to 850 times its own weight without even buckling at the knee segments, incredible! (Visit this site for more information)

Indeed, it is proportionally more powerful than an elephant which is the strongest land animal concerning brute force.

Having said this, it is worth mentioning that if an elephant were shrunk to the size of a bug its strength in relation to its mass would increase x-fold.

This is down to a phenomenon known as the scaling law formally recognized by Galileo in 1638.

The Scaling Law Preventing Insects From becoming Giant Monsters

Galileo discovered that if a sphere’s diameter is increased by two, the surface area is multiplied by 4 and the quantity eight fold. This signifies that elements of a body are not scaled up or down by the same amount.

In plain terms, if a bug grew to the size of an elephant without changing the original shape of its body, it would be so heavy in proportion to its own legs that it wouldn’t have the ability to move its carcass, let alone take eight hundred and fifty times its own weight.

It would have to radically alter its proportions starting with its legs. This can be illustrated in the growth proportions of a human being.

In the human, the mind becomes smaller and the legs larger and stronger as the individual grows to adult size. If the legs remained the same from infancy to maturity they would not have the strength to maintain the body.

Increased Need For Oxygen And Food

There are other anatomical limitations such as the insect respiratory system, which might become insufficient with the increased volume in contrast to the insect’s surface area. It might require lungs instead of just absorbing atmosphere through its spiracles to be able to satisfy its increased need for oxygen.

Furthermore, unless it had been born in a massive dung pile the size of a hillock, it wouldn’t have the ability to supply itself with the tremendous amounts of food that it would need to keep going.

So rest reassured, even if someone invented a magic hormone medication to grow, say, cockroaches to the size of a human, the resulting monsters are about as nimble as a wheel barrel with flat tires. Unless, of course, their morphology evolved.

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